14-17 minutes

"Big fella, I'll deal with these flames." Mo Fan rushed into the flames in time.

Standing on the head of the Totem Mysterious Snake🐍, Mo Fan's arms unfolded and slowly raised above his head. During this process, the soul of the divine bird spread its wings gradually appeared on his hands. The red Mo Fan would appear as a divine Bird Phoenix soaring into the sky at any time.

At the moment when Mo Fan held his hands together, the brilliant flame tilted to the whole valley. The Black-brown magma Fire 🔥 and the grey-blue poisonous Fire 🔥 spewed out by the Big snake were quickly extinguished by the brilliant flame of the bird.

Although all of them are Elemental fires, there seems to be a fighting relationship between Fire 🔥 and Fire 🔥. In the past, it was extremely difficult for Mo Fan to contend with the rock fires and poisonous fires of the eight great snakes when he did not get the species from the heavens and when Little Yanji did not suffer from the scourge of heaven.

But nowadays, whether it is Mo Fan's Chongming Divine Fire 🔥 or Little Yanji's Heavenly Fire 🔥, Both are the strongest flame in the world. The sole power of self-respect is displayed vividly in this valley, and soon even the injured eight-gigantic snakes are burned by these two kinds of fires.

Totem Mysterious Snake🐍 is in the Fire of Mo Fan and Little Yanji, but can not feel a little temperature. This is Mo Fan's effect of controlling the Fire 🔥 so that the Totem Mysterious Snake🐍 can immunize itself from the power of Fire 🔥.

The huge body slowly unfolded, and the Totem Mysterious Snake🐍 saw that the eight-Qi snake was retreating, so it jumped on it decisively.

The Yamata no Orochi🐉 on its snake scales shines brighten from the tail's position to the head. When all the snake patterns are linked together with a mysterious and mysterious light mark, the breath of the totem snake is completely changed. Its bluish-green light is attached to the body. It is so clear that it looks like a jade crystal. It is no longer a look of the ancient beast, but it draws on the essence of the sun and moon. The serpent god of Pure Land

This is the opposite of the Totem Mysterious Snake🐍 and the Yamata no Orochi🐉.

When the totem snake releases its real totem power, it is full of holiness. Even the poisonous mist is like a fairy haze with a little refractive glow.

Yamata no Orochi🐉, however, is full of primitive barbarism and devil's violence. Its nature is ferocious. It was born to destroy all life. In its bones, it despises all life. The place where Yamata no Orochi🐉 stays is basically barren. At the beginning, the Japanese Emperor worshipped it, because the Japanese Emperor in the old times himself greatly appreciated the primitive invasion and destruction. Destroy.

Of course, the Emperor of the old era was overthrown soon, and since then the great serpents have disappeared in the Pacific Ocean. Now they have gone to the Sea gods, and they are also a life with great ambitions for the whole world.

It seems that where there is war, there are eight great snakes.

"Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck"

Totem Snake approached Yamata no Orochi🐉 but did not choose to engage in primitive hand-to-hand combat.

Yamata no Orochi🐉 is still on top of Totem Snake in the ability of primitive hand-to-hand combat. The former battle totem Snake has paid a lot of prices.

Bright green, you can see the Totem Mysterious Snake🐍 swimming along the mountains outside the valley, sometimes gliding on the earth, sometimes close to the mountain wall, sometimes flying in the air.

On the track of its path, there are many astonishing giant shadows of green snakes.

Like a blue fairy pen in the hand of heaven, it outlines a huge picture of the world, which contains infinite power to wipe out all the evil spirits that remain in the world.


The green snake's life and death attempted to trap the eight-gigantic snake cage in the valley, and the terrible blue totem deity evaporated all kinds of strange scales on the body of the mountain of the eight-gigantic snake.

Skin layer by layer is illuminated by green lawns, layer by layer is festering, evaporating, and soon eight Big snakes have been bloody, is a meat mountain, looks terrible to the extreme.


Yamata no Orochi🐉 roared, apparently afraid of this ancient sacred power. In the green light of the snake's life and death picture, the whole eight evil forces in its throat and abdomen were thoroughly cleared, leaving only a festering body full of barbaric power.

"Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo hoo hoo"

Countless spiritual moths, glowing with a glow, flew out of the sky and fell madly on the wounded serpents.

There is a self-destructive force in these glowing moths. When they fall, they immediately generate white explosive energy, which is in every part of the body of Yamata no Orochi🐉.

Although a glowing self-exploding moth is very small and its power is only a middle-level Magic, the number of glowing self-exploding moths in the whole sky is huge enough to form light clouds. Every time a moth attacks an enemy, the white explosive energy is accumulated by tens of thousands. Eight Big snakes may have some weird skin bags to withstand, but now they are blown up all over, which can be called full-blown. Eyesores

Yamata no Orochi🐉 body was blown up a lot, a piece of mountain meat fell, the whole body seems much smaller, far less terrible than before, its head was broken two more, from the ancient demon species of Yamata no Orochi🐉 into a frail and seriously injured five-skull blood snake beast.

The white explosion can be like the brilliant fireworks on New Year's Eve. The moth flutters its wings in the middle of the sky. The glowing self-exploding moth seems endless, and it flies towards the eight giant snakes without hesitation. The magnificence woven by death is somewhat shocking.

Looking at this scene, Pang Lai was thoroughly touched and could not recall for a long time.

Mo Fan was also shocked by his presence.

In order to severely damage Yamata no Orochi🐉, the cost is huge. Those glowing self-exploding moths are all living lives, not energetic forms.

But Mo Fan knows very well that this is not a cruel offensive means of moth and Phoenix, but entirely voluntary.

Among the moths of Yue Mo and Phoenix, there are information moths, armed moths in light armour, female moths that spread and breed, male moths that build nests and protect their territory.

As long as there are leaders such as moths and moths and peaceful forest, they can prosper rapidly, but the Biggest shortcoming of their race is that their lives are extremely short.

Even if it is moth phoenix, its life can not be compared with Totem Mysterious Snake🐍, a thousand-year-old beast, moth phoenix's life span is relatively close to that of human beings, belonging to the shortest life span of all totems.

So when the lifespan of spiritual moths is about to expire, they will choose a way of self-degradation, incarnating as a white cocoon as fine as villus, hiding under the spiritual wings of moths and moths. When they encounter powerful enemies, they will instantly turn into glowing self-exploding spiritual moths, rush to the enemies, and burn up their last life value.

The moth's extinguishing Fire 🔥 can be Said to be a complete interpretation of the glowing self-exploding moth.

Rather than die old in a damp jungle in the woods, it is better to release the last fireworks and wipe out the enemy with one's own withered life, so as to illuminate the way forward for future generations.

Even if not every spiritual moth, will be willing to become this glowing spiritual moth in their old age.

But at this time, the fireworks are so powerful that they can seriously damage the eight giant snakes.

Not everyone,

It's like Pang Lai...

Many lives are small but respectable.

Many people do not shine so brightly in the Sea of people, but they shine more brightly than meteors when they are in danger.

Pang Lai's respectability strengthens Mo Fan's belief that he will not leave alone.

"Old Pang Lai, you can either refuse to accept the curse, or you can come here at an old age to risk your life for younger generations. That's your choice, but if I'm here today, I'll make sure you enjoy your old age." Mo Fan Said to Pang Lai, who is still somewhat depressed and confused.

Pang Lai saw that the fiery Fire 🔥 had seriously damaged the immortal serpents. He also saw that a valley which was originally a dead road had been opened up by Mo Fan and the three totems.

He was touched.

Even the old to too calm heart ignited a flame, filled the chest, and burned the whole body blood.

It is estimated that for thirty or forty years when he first knew the world, he would feel this boiling.

He is an old man who can be so calm and unrepentant even when he makes a decision to die. Who could have imagined that he would be stirred up by Mo Fan's sentences as if he had returned to the age of the most passionate, desperate and unyielding to perfection?

"I... I am the chief Magician of the Palace Museum, the strongest summoning Magician in China, who needs a young man to promise to live in his old age?" Pang Lai's mood turned upside down, not to mention picking up the dignity of the elderly.

Don't promise Mo Fan.

In his old age, he must strive for it with his own hands.

"It even responded to me. Mo Fan, you escort me. I'll show you the semi-forbidden curse summoning divine power." Pang Lai took a deep breath and the whole man breathed the dignity of the chief mage.

Mo Fan looked behind him and found that the Devil Fish King and the purple-haired seaweed Banshee had blocked the valley.

"Good" Mo Fan finally nodded to you.

This old age, fight together

Mo Fan turned around and faced the vast army of Sea Monsters chasing him.

The fierce Fire 🔥 made the smile on his face wilder.

Behind it, the ghost of Fire 🔥 is like an eternal throne. Mo Fan merges his divine Fire 🔥 with the power of Yanji Goddess heartily. The brilliance of Fire 🔥 is like a Red Army sweeping the demon frenzy beyond the valley.

Compared with the raging tide, Mo Fan is worse than a grain of sand and dust. The blazing flame can be comparable to the long cliff at the end of the ocean. No matter how strong the Wind 💨 and waves are, the cliff will stand firm.

Pang Lai was totally devoted to his Magic. There were three totems in front and Mo Fan in back. At this time, he was not so depressed as before. There was only the dignity and calmness of an old mage. That was the self-confidence immersed in a field for forty or fifty years.

Even as he portrayed it, he told Mo Fan behind him that his calm and skilful calling was far beyond Mo Fan's reach.

"Every summoning animal has its own thoughts, strong as a Dragon or humble as a green mouse. Sincere communication and pressure of strength are the keys to summoning, that is, to let the creatures you need to summon see your dignity and let them feel your sincerity."

"Every piece of land has a legendary creature, some of which have been forgotten, some buried in the thick Earth of the years, and some so far revered in the catalogue of books."

"We call this catalogue-free book the Tomb of the Lost Country."

"Ten years ago, I tried to call out a fallen beast sleeping in the land of China. It was like a statue and did not respond to my request at all. For more than ten years, I never gave up communicating with it, and the response was countless."

"Maybe my sincerity has finally touched it, or maybe it doesn't want to be disturbed by me anymore. It will fight for me once..."

Pang Lai's Magic is depicted by Mo Fan and he is not an old man at all, but a young man full of pursuit and expectation for the mound of the dead nation.

As a matter of fact, Pang Lai became old from middle age because of the mound, but his pursuit of Summoning Magic only increased.

Pang Lai's face was filled with pride when he Said, "It's going to fight for me once."

That's because he's the only person in the whole country who can call out the one in the mound of the dead. Even if only Mo Fan is the one who witnessed this scene today, it's enough to make Pang Lai proud.

"It responded to me."

"Mo Fan, thank you very much for keeping me from forgetting that excitement."

"I wish I were forty years younger. It's my pleasure to fight alongside people like you."

Every sentence of Pang Lai is full of deep meaning, like a teacher teaching Mo Fan how to use the real Summon Element, and like a friend revealing the hardships of his years of practice.

Years, years of hatred and curse, years of powerlessness and despair

It doesn't seem invincible either.

Years can conquer their old body, but never want to conquer their surging passion never extinguished the flame

He is like a teacher, as a friend, but in the end, he is like a student.

It is Mo Fan who teaches himself how to stop fearing the years and overcome them.

"The Demon Gate of the Ancient Times ~ the Beast of Nations"

Pang Lai's beard was flying, and his old body seemed to regain its vigorous glory of life at this moment. It was solemn, tall and even like a God standing on the gate of a country.

On the vast hills, a Black abyss slowly swallowed up the surrounding Space 🌌, and soon the whole sky of the Blue Galaxy Valley became part of the Black abyss. Standing on the earth, it seemed that people would be swept deeper by the strange Chaos grooves of the Black abyss at any time.

At the bottom of the abyss, a pair of pupils opened slowly and gazed at the valley from another Dimension through the tunnel of the abyss, at the serpents, and at the demon army filled with the valley like the tide.

It's like the outline of the ancient gods suddenly appeared in the night sky. It's a hard-to-see outline. The only clear outline is the eyes of the gods who can pass through time and Space 🌌.

The eyes of the God grew Bigger and Bigger to fill the whole abyss.

The whole Blue Galaxy Valley is inexplicably silent, and time seems to be static so that the sound cannot be transmitted.


When everything returned to order, Mo Fan was shocked to find that badly injured serpents were turning into pieces of flesh and paper.

Yamata no Orochi🐉 was terrified. It dragged its incessant mountain body, trying to escape the sight of destruction. Three totems blocked the way of Yamata no Orochi🐉.


Yamata no Orochi🐉. roared furiously. In the course of the previous entanglement, it was still full of blood and still had no intention of retreating. But now it seems that it knows that its death is approaching, that it is desperate to escape, and that the surviving brains even have different opinions, and that they are fleeing in different directions with their bodies.