2792 ~ 2793

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Chapter 2792: The True Face of the Beast

From the self-respecting God and devil Aura at the beginning to the present, panic is like a wild rat being chased by a stick. It can be seen that the Great8-Headed Serpent is quite afraid. It is not only the creature that was completely destroyed in the grave of the Black Earth but also the cruel trample on the inherent race class.

Mo Fan raised his head and tried to see the outline, but the creature seemed to be in a mysterious country that could not be reached by the naked eye.

Judging from what Pang Lai Said before, this is a national beast that once appeared on the land of China, and its rank is still above the Totem Snake🐍.

Although Yamata no Orochi🐉 has been seriously damaged, Three Totems have made a lot of paving, but there is still a long-term Battle to kill Yamata no Orochi🐉, and the owner of this pair of eyes completely deprived Yamata no Orochi🐉 of life.

Eventually, Yamata no Orochi🐉 did not escape from this force. Mo Fan was filled with infinite expectations and curiosity for the beast.

This beast of subjugation did not show up at all. With a pair of destructive eyes, it wiped out the eight Great Snakes that could still struggle. If it was really Summoned to this world, would it be impossible for even the Black Claw Emperor behind the scenes to escape death?

It was an Emperor.

Even Pang Lai himself did not anticipate it.

After years of searching for the Supreme Holy Spirit in the mound of the fallen nation and relying on his devotion and perseverance, Pang Lai finally reached a small agreement to invite him to war.

Unexpectedly, this Summon is not like a strict Summon, more like a wish.

It is high and mysterious. It realizes one of its wishes and destroys the enemy in front of it.

If we want to really let it come and fight for itself, the sincerity and perseverance of the past ten years are far from enough, the strength is not enough, the sincerity is not enough, or both are far from being achieved.

Yamata no Orochi🐉 died.

There is no possibility of resurrection.

Its heads were scattered in different places, still fierce.

Its body was transformed into numerous pieces of meat, covering the valley and the nearby mountains.

Blood is everywhere, from high to low, stored in a pit, permeated into the soft Earth, as if just baptized by heavy rain, but the rainstorm is red.

The Sea Monsters army was completely frightened, and even invincible creatures such as Yamata no Orochi🐉 would be wiped out. Where could they have the courage to step into the valley?

With the afterglow of the mound, Mo Fan took some weak Pang Lai and jumped on the Totem Snake🐍.

"Go, let's go."

Through the basically ruined city of the Blue Galaxy Valley, and along the direction of the waterfall, there is no such terrible existence as the Yamata no Orochi🐉. The GreatMonsters can't resist the wild power of the Three Totem beasts at all.

How can the Sea Monsters army think of the most impossible direction to be broken, but become the gap between these two human escape, scattered dirty hunting Monsters sniffing the breath to catch up, clinging to the breath of Mo Fan and Pang Lai...

But these sneaky things can't escape the hawk's eye at all. They are all strangled by the hawk's Claws on the way of pursuit.

Soon, the scent of the Sea Monsters was completely cut off. With mountains and forests, islands and valleys numerous, and their own Islands rising, they were estimated to be on the island of nearly 20,000 square kilometres. No matter how many Sea Monsters there were, they would not be able to cover the whole of Hawaii.

"I know some medicine, I'll take care of him." Song Feiyu Said to Mo Fan.

"Well, don't let him die, this old fellow... Oh, what can I do? He almost took his life out by a summoning technique." Said Mo helplessly.

Pang Lai was unconscious. He overdrew all his energy. Fortunately, the beast did not really come. Otherwise, the sacrifice of his life would not be enough.

Anyway, Old Pang Lai was saved.


Just when Mo Fan was going to see if the little loach had sucked the spirit of the eight-gigantic snake, a familiar cry was ringing beside Mo Fan.

Mo Fan turned his head and found that Night Rakshasa🐈 didn't know when to stand behind his feet. The lovely cat's Claws were trying to pull the corners of Mo Fan's clothes. Unfortunately, they were not tall enough to stand on tiptoe.

Mo Fan was sprouted by the night kitten and stooped down to pick it up and Said, "We're all right. We're all alive. Where's your servant?"

"Miao" Luo Cha broke away from Mo Fan's embrace at night, then began to paw there continuously, sometimes with some Magical expression, the silver cat whisker kept shaking.

Mo Fan Cat Language did not pass Level 4, and did not know what Night Rakshasa🐈 was going to express, so he Summoned out Apas.

Apas liked the Night Rakshasa🐈 too, but the Night Rakshasa🐈 saw that Apas's hair was standing up.

"Don't tease it, it's urgent," Said Mo Fanduapas.

"It says that it's the little owner who let it get out of the line and come to you," Said Apas.

"Worried about our safety, it's all right. Old Pang Lai is just a little fragile and hurt. Death should not be dead. Let it take us to find other people." Mo Fan Said.

At this time of the night, Rocha kept shaking his head, looking like he didn't want Mo Fan and Pang Lai back.

Mo Fan was puzzled. Is there anything wrong with Jiang Yu and them?

Night Rakshasa🐈 stretched out a paw and began to draw on the earth. He drew several simple human-like paintings with hats, which seemed to represent the group of court mages.

Later, Night Rakshasa🐈 painted a fierce face and tusks on one of them, and then kept jabbing it with his Claws.

Without Apas's translation, Mo Fan could understand what Night-Rakshasa meant.

In the court mage troop, there is a fierce-faced fellow who wears the hat of the court mage, which means that there are inner ghosts in it.

"Jiang Yu found" asked Mo Fan with some surprise.

Night Rakshasa🐈 nodded.

"I don't know who it is for the time being, so I let you come to us alone and leave those people alone," Mo Fan continued.

Night Rakshasa🐈 nodded even more.

"Do you already know where the head of the Chinese army is?" Mo Fan asked again.

At that time, Rachal nodded again at night.

Mo Fan was terrified in his heart

Does it mean that the glove with bloodstains is not a trap for the Sea Monsters?

The reason why the Sea Monsters surrounded the whole valley for the first time was that someone in the team told the Sea Monsters.

But who became a puppet?

Was he spiritually controlled by the Sea Race?

Even places like court mages can be infiltrated by marine Race prophets

Later, Night Rakshasa🐈 drew another scroll on the ground.

"The scroll that can cure the head of the Chinese army is still in the hands of the four guards," Mo Fan asked.


Chapter 2793: No Background

Night Luosha already knows where the head of the Chinese Army is. Now the key is not to go to the head of the Chinese Army to meet at once but to get the healing scroll.

It is the key to recover the first injury of the Chinese army. After all, the whole Hawaii is the eye of the Sea monster, including the puppet of the Sea monster. There is a slight carelessness that may destroy the life of Chinese army leader.

"It's impossible... cough, cough." Suddenly, Pang Lai woke up and seemed anxious to speak, but he coughed himself up.

Song Feiyu quickly handed him a piece of herb to hold in his mouth.

Pang Lai soothed for a while, and there was no cough, but it was clear that he did not agree with the judgments of Night Rakshasa🐈 and Jiang Yu.

"You think it's Jiang Yu's heart," Mo Fan asked.

"Well, he's very careful. In fact, each of us received a spiritual wash before we left. It's from the arm of a mage who forbids Spell. It's precisely the way to find those who are mentally abnormally manipulated. Although it's not suitable for extensive investigation, it's quite accurate for a team of only a dozen people. No one in the team is given by the Race. Manipulation, no one is a puppet. "Pang Lai Said with Great certainty.

When Mo Fan saw Pang Lai's attitude, he could not help looking at Apas.

Apas knew what Mo Fan wanted to ask, and Said, "If you are human beings, you can find out that spiritual puppets manipulate Magic, and even give me soul torture, I can also find puppets."

Mo Fan doesn't have a special understanding of spiritual Magic. Since Apas is sure of what Pang Lai Said, what's the problem?

Pang Lai Said there were no puppets.

Jiang Yu was so careful.

Is it Pang Lai and Jiang Yu who have problems?

Mo Fan shook his head and denied it.

The possibility of these two men having problems is very small. First of all, Jiang Yu's night Luosha is the key to finding the head of the Chinese army. If he has problems, he can find the head of the Chinese army directly and then give the information to the Sea Monsters directly. There is no need to spend so much time.

Next, on Pong lai's side, he has to have a problem, killing a Sea Monsters such as Yamata no Orochi🐉, and acting too much. If he doesn't come back to save him, he will surely die. Besides, Jiang Yu especially lets Yeluoshao come and tell them the truth of the two people, which means that Jiang Yu unconditionally believes in his master. In this case, Pang Lai himself comes with Jiang Yu and Yeluoshao. When the head of the Chinese Army is hiding in the imperial army's hiding place, everything is over. Why is it so troublesome?

"Is there a puppet in the end?" Mo Fan did not know how to make a choice for a while.

Then Song Feiyu glanced at Pang Lai and Mo Fan and Said, "Why do you think there must be puppets of Sea monsters in the procession?"

"You mean Jiang Yu thinks too much," Mo Fan firmly Said.

"This apprentice, who usually does not see his brains, how to fool around and influence the team atmosphere at this time? Fortunately, he secretly asked Night Luo to come and tell us that if we express it directly, the whole team will be disbanded and how to rescue the Chief of the Chinese Army." Pang Lai Said angrily.

Pang Lai is not a fool. He's the chief. He cheats himself a lot when he's old. He also sees various means.

The selection of court mages is very strict. Everyone is in an important position, and the possibility of being manipulated by the spirit of the prophet of the marine Race is very small.

Secondly, as to whether there were puppets of the Prophet of the Marine Race in the procession, Pang Lai took this into account, so he had a spiritual baptism before he set out.

It is impossible that the curse-forbidding mage has a problem. If there were so many curses forbidden by puppets in the human Element, they would have been swallowed up by Sea Monsters. How could they continue to resist to this day?

"Old Pang Lai, let's listen to Song Feiyu's. After all, she's an absolute outsider. Maybe she can see better than us." Mo Fan Said to some stubborn Pang Lai.

Pang Lai nodded and did not speak at the moment.

Song Fei then continued: "Not everyone's heart is eternal, there may be no puppet controlled by the spirit of the marine Race in the team, but it does not mean that this person can not run through the Sea Monsters, maybe fear, maybe benefit, maybe something else, even if there is no spiritual control of the marine Race, his heart has corrupted and betrayed."

Mo Fan and Pang Lai were stunned to hear these words, and for a moment they could not speak.

Yeah, why must it be the spiritual puppet of the Sea Race?

Maybe it was the man who colluded with the Sea Monsters...

It's far more lethal than a puppet.

After all, the puppet is carrying out by memory thinking, in disguise, constantly leaking human information to Sea Monsters, but the traitor has his own complete thinking. He can not only leak all human information to Sea Monsters but also use human thinking to provide Sea Monsters with more terrible destruction plans.

Pang Lai had been speechless for a long time.

His stubbornness had to be defeated by this speculative possibility.

"So if I'm the one who has been in collusion with the Sea Monsters, the priority is to find the head of the Chinese Army through our rescue team and tell the head of the Chinese Army the position of the Sea Monsters and kill the head of the Chinese Army in Hawaii. The secondary purpose is to destroy our rescue plan and not let us join the head of the Chinese Army and leave the head of the Chinese Army alone and helpless." Song Feiyu continued.

"Then gloves are not a trap deliberately left by the Sea Monsters," Said Pang Lai.

"Well, that's what the Chief of the Chinese Army is, but the Chief of the Chinese Army is not there, maybe it was the Chief of the Chinese Army who deliberately threw down the bewitching Sea Monsters," Mo Fan Said.

"We were disappointed when the traitor in the team found out that Night Rakshasa🐈 only found the gloves of the Chinese army leader at night, so he surrounded the valley with Sea Monsters and destroyed our rescue team," Pang Lai continued.

Mo Fan feels that this explanation is much more reasonable than a suspicion that Pang Lai and Jiang Yu have problems.

"Then... are they under the control of the Sea Monsters all the time, at night, Luosha, Jiang Yu..." Mo Fan suddenly Said.

And the Night Rakshasa🐈 listened to their analysis at this time, as if suddenly aware of what, even desperate to rush back.

Jiang Yu They Are Dangerous

Even if they escaped into the dense rainforest, the Sea Monsters could always find them as long as the traitor was still there.

The traitor no longer expected to find the head of the Chinese Army through the Palace Museum, so the aim had been changed to kill everyone.

"This fool, this fool, how can you let Night Rakshasa🐈 leave him, this fool..." Pang Lai staggered to his feet, cursing and wiping tears from his eyes with his hands.

Jiang Yu determined the existence of the traitor only after he fled to the dense tropical forest.

He knows his own death.

But let Night Rakshasa🐈 come alone and take Mo Fan and Pang Lai to see the Chief of the Chinese Army....

But it was like leaving myself in the army of Sea Monsters.