Full-time mage 2829-2830

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2829 : The Goddess Wall Imagination

The doors are painted perfectly, and the cold Moon in the clear sky hangs above the ancient city gate.

The Moonlight, like a white curtain, shines outside the gate of the ancient city. It is an unusual layer of Moonlight, which shines in the area inside the gate of the ancient city, but it is quite different from what you can see in the daytime.

When the Moon shines, there are many ancient buildings in the ancient city gate. The streets, the pedestrians and the soldiers, although they are only a month's illusion, seem to have traveled back to that era, lively and lifelike.

"Come in and look at Great Wall once more." The living and dead mausoleum keeper invited the crowd out of the gate, motioned them to go out of the gate and enter outside.

Zhao Man Yan exclaimed, "Good design, the use of ancient Chaos Elements and Space 🌌 Elements will not be inferior to our modern VR technology."

When we re-enter this city, the people enter another world. It is no longer the old ruined market town. In the past, the city is more prosperous than it is now. We can see the pavilions and pavilions, the palaces and temples with interlaced eaves, and the magnificent ancient city walls and forests.

It's hard to imagine and understand that they were really in an ancient city pool. It's incredible that they could feel the cold and hard when they touched the bricks with their hands.

"We've crossed" Zhao Man Yan's chin hasn't closed for a long time.

Looking around, we can't tell for a moment whether these are just fantasies, or whether there really exists such an ancient city which is Sealed by someone using the all-sky method, crossing the time limit.

On the street, people came and went, and from time to time a large group of cavalry mages rushed to the ancient city gate, so the crowd quickly moved aside.

The cavalry mages almost rushed towards Mo Fan and others, but they did not seem to see many people. They ran straight into each other, but they ran through the bodies of several of them like spirits.

"It should be similar to ghost city. What we see is only the ancient images, which are presented, with Moonlight as film and city gate as projection." Ling Ling opened his mouth.

"Why should we record the ancient events? Is it to tell us what happened here?" Jiang Shaoxu has been looking around the Tao.

"Maybe it means something in particular."

The crowd continued to look inside the city. Suddenly, the sky was red. The walls and rooftiles of the city pool were shining like flames. Just now, a peaceful and orderly ancient city pool was plunged into Chaos.

In the streets and alleys, many residents fled, ancient officers and soldiers and mages quickly assembled, and were confronting the sky and things outside the city. A large number of strange waves of destruction poured in from different places, many people in these energy into blood and Water 🌊.

Like what attack, this ancient city pool is surrounded by Fire πŸ”₯ works, bodies everywhere, and many homeless women and children crying.

"Dak, Dak, Dak, Dak, Dak"

The loud noise came from the direction of the ancient city walls, and the long walls of the towering and persevering City pools were trembling violently.

Mo Fan immediately turned to look at the ancient city wall they had entered before, and found that the ancient city wall seemed to have survived and turned into an ancient warrior composed entirely of bricks and earth of the city wall.

Not only the ancient city wall, but also the whole long wall around Wangcang City has undergone dramatic changes. They are divided into two groups, standing in a clear line of long guns and ancient soldiers, tall and solemn, guarding the Wangcang City.

"What kind of Magic is it that can turn an ancient city wall into a warrior?" Mo Fan was surprised.

The scene was so shocking that the wall was left to be destroyed at the first moment, and came alive at the next moment, and started attacking the strange creatures that attacked the city.

With these wall warriors in the ancient city pool, the attack was soon calmed down.

Mo Fan witnessed the soldiers returning to their posts, shoulder to shoulder, and transformed into the old and solid wall, surrounded by the ancient city pool.

"Mingwu Ancient City... Mingwu Ancient City..." Song Feiyu suddenly spit out these words in succession, a look of loss of mind.

Mo Fan heard her murmur and immediately asked, "The ancient city of Mingwu also has this vision."

"Didn't you ever see those statues in the ancient city of Mingwu? The material of these walls is the same as the statues in the ancient city of Mingwu. Our Grandpa and Granny once Said that those statues can actually survive, but those of us who lost the ancient Pharaohs can't wake them up anymore. We can only use their remaining Gods to deter the Monsters and monsters," Song Feiyu Said. 。

Mo Fan carefully recalled that these wall stones were indeed very similar to the sculptures of the ancient city of Ming and Wu. Does it mean that the sculptures of the ancient city of Wu came from here?

The ancient city of Mingwu only has some special sculptures, but the whole city is surrounded by such sculptures, which surrounds a huge city pool.

Who completed such a great Magic Magic in that year, and how to call, how to deploy.

Besides, the city of Wangcang has a magnificent wall of the city pool. Why is there only one ancient city gate and other parts left now?

What does this have to do with the Holy Totem?

"Mo Fan, I have an estimate." The spiritual expression dignified way.

Mo Fan turned around and looked at Ling Ling. Others could not help but look at Ling Ling and wait for the words behind her.

"The guardian of the holy spring of your land, it's probably this holy totem," Said the Spirit.

"The holy spring is the holy spring of the earth. How is it related to the Holy totem? What evidence is there?" Mo Fan did not understand.

"Let's go ahead and we'll know the answer when we get to the center of the city." Ling Ling pointed to the old Heavy Army Avenue in the center of the city.

Heavy Army Avenue is a standard cross, which leads to the four sides of Wangcang City, but there is only one Big city gate, that is, where they entered together. Everywhere else is surrounded by city walls. It opens very small doors, usually not open.

Following Ling Ling, we went to the "crossroads" of the ancient city pool, but found an ancient well on the crossroads of Heavy Army. The pupils of the women in the ancient well were round and clear. They were gazing at the vast sky.

Mo Fan and Song Feiyu are most familiar with the local holy spring. When they came to the ancient well of the holy spring in the middle of the cross road, their faces were filled with shock for a moment.

Holy Spring, Ancient City Wall, Holy Totem...

Is it not a holy spring, but one of the Holy totems, which explains why the holy spring contains unique warmth?

2830 : Totem Holy Spring

Mo Fan tried to approach, so that the small loach to identify, can think carefully, these are just the ancient images presented, using the twist of Space 🌌 and Chaos as a holographic film, how can it emit energy for the small loach to absorb.

But Mo Fan is so familiar with the Water 🌊 in this well pool, its purity, its luster, its softness, slowness and shaking more than the density of Water 🌊, as distinct as sake.

"Is it really the holy spring of the earth?" Mu Bai and Zhang Xiao Hou both looked closer.

They did not see the holy spring very much. They were not familiar with the Holy spring. They could only look at Mo Fan.

"Yes, definitely." Song Feiyu answered quite positively.

When she was very young, she practiced in the secret of Xiayu Island. Her whole Cultivation was nourished by the holy spring of the earth. How could she possibly admit her mistake?

"That is to say, this holy totem has always been around us, and we have not noticed it from the beginning to the end." Mo Fan's heart waves again.

Holy Spring, Holy Totem, Where is the Holy Totem?

They saw only some ancient city soldiers who could "live" from the ancient city walls, but they did not see the original Saint totem, or even a little appearance of the Saint totem.

Since this is the tomb of the Holy Totem, what about its skeleton?

"The holy spring of the earth is the totem power of the Holy totem." Ling Ling circled around the source of the holy spring of the earth and opened its mouth to Mo Fan.

"Well, there's no joke here. Let's go around the four oceans to see if Old Xuanwu is still alive in the world. My old tortoise bully likes to follow the ocean when he has nothing to do. I asked him what he is doing. He Said that he is looking for something, but he doesn't know what it is. In my opinion, he is looking for his father Xuanwu or Xuanwu. The Arctic Ocean, or the Antarctic Ice Sea..."Zhao Man Yan Said.

After a lot of hard work to get this result, there is a feeling of going around a Big circle and returning to the origin. Finally, we understand the origin of the Divine Spring and the power of the Holy Totem, but this can not bring about any substantial change.

"Never mind the basalt, where are the Magical walls here?" Jiang Shaoxu suddenly asked.

"Most of them were demolished by later generations. There are some ancient Mingwu city. There are still some doors left here and others that have probably become part of some city pools for thousands of years. They have long been lost," Zhao Man Yan Said.

"We can ask Xiao Tai's father about this. Since he has been guarding here, he knows the city naturally... Wow, look at that rotten-faced fellow." Zhang Xiao Hou suddenly pointed to a general on the seriously ill road.

The general, wearing ragged armor and hair, was walking wearily towards the well of the Moon, looking like little Tartar's father.

"Bed in the trough, has this fellow lived so hot for so long? There's probably two or three thousand years in this city," Zhao Man Yan exclaimed.

People who existed two or three thousand years ago...

I don't know what level the other party is, but fortunately they didn't make a direct move.

"Are we still going to pursue it? It feels like it's the end point. This holy totem died thousands of years ago." Zhang Xiao Hou was somewhat uncertain.

"Ask the living and dead man first, let's get out of here." Mo Fan sighed.

When people went to the gate of the ancient city, the scene in the ancient city pool gradually restored to the way they first stepped in. It was quiet and orderly. It was believed that before long, the horizon would be red again, so that an ancient vision would be interpreted here day after day, and it was not known what to tell future generations, or whether it had become a kind of belonging to here.β€œ Climate.

Like the guardians of the Holy Springs, they have forgotten why they should guard them.

The living and dead in the mausoleum are no longer persistent in keeping people from entering this mysterious land.

"Should we find those walls and feel that they will help us?" Jiang suggested.

"There's no clue where the walls have been moved. Now the only information is that there are some statues in the ancient city of Mingwu, but those statues are only a small part of it." Mo Fan shook his head.

This clue, it should be no progress, mainly the holy totem disappeared thousands of years ago, and now what is the significance of looking for.

Perhaps Totem Mysterious Snake🐍, white tiger, Azure Eagle, Moth and phoenix, which are still alive, is the incarnation of the Holy totem, incarnated into many small totems...

The Four Great Saints Totems have been determined that two are extinct, and the other two do not know where to start, nor do they know if it is too late.

"Go to Kunlun, Kunlun must have something we want to know, and some totems we haven't known before." Zhang Xiao Hou suggested.

Mo Fan shook his head.

Kunlun is going, but not now.

There is no complete clue of totem impression. It is only a waste of time to drill into Kunlun. It is necessary to find a clear direction for the totem related to White Tiger to go to Kunlun.

"That... goes to the ancient capital, precisely the ancient capital dead need to be cleaned up, we stabilize the rear, the East can be at ease to fight." Zhang Xiao Hou continued.

"That's the situation in the ancient capital. In fact, the old king suppresses the dead. The dead will certainly accumulate huge resentment. Like dams and rivers, how can the river be blocked all the time? It's better to open a gate. As long as the break is not too Big and the farmland and villages won't be flooded, the dead can provide us with some materials and a layer of protection." Mo Fan shook his head. 。

The dead of the ancient capital have been in that state for thousands of years.

The dead are not destroyed, and the old king can not always bless the ancient capital. Sooner or later, the result of the nine ghosts will come, so we can only rely on the ancient capital itself to deal with, coexist with the dead, rely on the protection of the dead, but also against the dead.

Mu Bai nodded his head, which had always been the pattern in ancient times.

The arrival of catastrophe has caused great damage to the ancient capital. At that time, the ancient king restrained the dead and gave the ancient capital time to rest and rest. Now the ancient capital is flourishing again. Only the dead can have powerful Magicians, there are dead, and many people can earn money. This is the nature of this land.

There are typhoons in the south, earthquakes in the interior, sandstorms in the north, typhoons, earthquakes and dust in the north. Few people leave their homes because these natural disasters have become part of their lives.

"Then, according to Zhao Ge, go to the Arctic Ocean to find basalt. I haven't been to the Arctic Ocean yet." Zhang Xiao Hou hurried again.

Zhao Man Yan gave Zhang Xiao Hou a Big slap on his back and Laughed πŸ˜‚ and Said, "I'll just say you're serious. How can we go to the Arctic Ocean? Iceberg animals are not fun, and the whole Nordic region suffers from them."

"Monkey, you seem to be in a hurry to arrange things for us." Mo Fan suddenly frowned and stared at Zhang Xiao Hou.

"No, no, no, I'm just..." Zhang Xiao Hou suddenly stopped talking when facing Mo Fan's eyes.

From childhood to adulthood, Zhang Xiao Hou was always like this when facing Mo Fan. Once Mo Fan got serious, he forgot that he was a famous general.

"Was it that the Chief Of Chinese Army didn't want us to go back? Major events happened along the coast?" Mo Fan asked.